Set up a ham radio station somewhere in Santa Catarina.

First stage: HF bands


  1. The transceiver - Atlas 210x Special Edition. Mic Shure 450. External speaker Dual.

  2. Antenna tuner - MFJ-949c

  3. Find a power supply from a local provider.

  4. Baluns - Try to find if there’s one alive.

  5. Antenna - Depending if I can rescue a balun from the CX leftovers or need to buy. A good one could be to buy a cheap dipole or G5RV from a local dealer. Focus on 40, 20 and 15 mts bands. This could be an option. Electril Antennas

  6. Coaxial and connectors - PL-259 and around 20 mts of coaxial cable from local dealer.

Atlas 210x Limited Edition